Louis Tomlinson baby: Bookies give 100/1 odds 1D singer names his child 'Naughty Boy'

Could you make money from Louis' exciting news? Probably not.

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Fans everywhere are laughing, crying and despairing at the genuinely nice news that One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson is set to become a dad.

The news broke yesterday that the 23-year-old is expecting a baby with LA-based stylist Briana Jungwirth.

Experts in the field of pure guesswork have already weighed in with their thoughts on what the baby will be called, giving odds on Louis naming the baby after one of his bandmates, ex-member Zayn's fiancee Perri and even the possibility he names his child after his good friend Naughty Boy.

Usually this sort of thing is reserved solely for royalty but as Betfair’s Novelties and Politics Trader Cormac Dowling points out, this is ‘stratospheric’ news, “given that the baby will officially be the very first descendant of One Direction. The boys are pop royalty.”

Fertility experts might suggest however that the child would only be a ‘descendant’ of One Direction if two of the band conceived the baby together – something many die-hard fans would probably be quite receptive towards – but this is sadly a biological impossibility.

Betfair have previously given odds on royal baby names. Earlier this year their top three predictions for Princess Charlote were ‘Alice’, ‘Elizabeth’ and, yes, ‘Charlotte’, although they were mocked for suggesting Kanye and Kim’s second child might be called ‘South West’.

The bookies have given odds of 12/1 that Louis’ baby will be named Johannah, after his mother, but have also thrown some other hilarious names in the ring.

They include ‘Zayn’ (25/1), ‘Sunita’ (40/1), ‘Jesus’ (100/1) and Naughty Boy (100/1).“For anyone expecting the pair to follow in the footsteps of Kimye and name their child after their favourite direction, it is 50/1 that the baby will be called One,” adds Dowling.

It’s probably not going to be called ‘One’ is it.