Louise Mensch stakes Conservative victory in the next election on Ebola outbreak

The author and former MP tweeted that voters does not trust Labour when issue was of national security

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Former Conservative MP Louise Mensch has staked a Conservative victory in the next election on… the Ebola outbreak.

Posting on Twitter, the author, now based in New York, said: “If there is a serious outbreak [of Ebola] in the UK I doubt voters will risk a labour government. Time to get serious.”

Unsurprisingly, her remarks ignited a few less than impressed responses on the social media website. Some of the ones suitable for publication described the bestseller author as “completely mental” or “a mentalist”.

Shortly after her provocative tweet, Mensch went back on the site to explain she had been taken in by a parody account.

“Whoops! Apparently the Diane Abbot thing was a parody. Still have no doubt re Ebola and border/health policies. None. Labour not trusted.”


It is believed she was taken in by the following tweet from Diane Abbot MP account:

Still, despite the falsity of the source (and the response) Mensch continued to stake her claim on a Tory victory bolstered by a vicious epidemic ravaging a number of west African countries.

“I have no doubt whatsoever that when real national security issues arise people vote for whoever is stronger on Nat sec. In UK, not Labour,” she later tweeted.

Twitter user Emma Didbin commented: “Sometimes I think Louise Mensch is just a very carefully constructed practical joke that’s being played on us, like the Waterloo & City Line.”