Louise Mensch weighs in on Jeremy Clarkson fracas, saying sacking evidence of 'wimpy' British culture

The former Tory MP said that she thought violence between 'equally matched' people was acceptable

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Louise Mensch has said that Jeremy Clarkson's dismissal was part of "effeminate" culture.

Clarkson was dismissed by the BBC on Wednesday afternoon after attacking Top Gear producer Oisin Tymon, who went to A&E with a split lip after the work argument.

Sun columnist Mensch has argued that violence in the workplace can be settled outside of the "legal framework".

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Her remarks attracted some criticism, with Twitter users accusing her of not understanding employment law.

When one user challenged Mensch whether she really thought it was acceptable to hit someone at work, she said she did - as long as the two were evenly matched and the victim was OK with being assaulted.

Some also took issue with Mensch's use of the term "effeminate".

The definition of "effeminate" is "(of a man) having characteristics regarded as typical of a woman; unmanly".

Whether that should be seen as a bad thing is down to the individual.