Ludacris leaves his daughter at the airport: Blames airline, obviously

The rapper insists that he is not to blame over the incident

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Not quite a Home Alone situation, but Ludacris left his teenage daughter, Karma Bridges, behind at the airport this week.

The rapper flew from Los Angeles to Atlanta with his 13-year-old where she was due to fly solo from there to New York. Off went Ludacris, unaware of airline Delta’s rules that children under the age of 15 cannot fly without an adult, thus preventing his daughter from continuing her journey.

So there Karma sat in the first class lounge, while Ludacris fought with Delta over the phone. In all honesty, there are worse places to have been abandoned.

The outcome of the incident is ambiguous - TMZ first reported that the airline offered to provide adult supervision if Ludacris paid $100, but he allegedly refused, returned to the airport, retrieved his daughter and drove home. However, contrarily, an update to the story reads that a source close to the rapper says he did pay the fee and put Karma on the next flight.

Anyway, Ludacris is less than happy with the turn of the events, insisting that he was told upon buying the ticket that the only prerequisite was that an adult needed to be there to meet the child when she arrived in New York.

He is apparently “shocked and angry” at the decision.

The moral of the story? Be vigilant about flying requirements at all times.