Maradona video allegedly showing footballer 'assaulting' girlfriend Rocio Oliva, 24, in domestic altercation emerges

The former Argentine international has since denied assault, allegedly telling one reporter that 'the situation didn't continue' beyond the video

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Video footage allegedly showing Diego Maradona 'assaulting' his girlfriend Rocio Oliva has emerged.

In the footage, the legendary Argentine midfielder can reportedly be seen getting up from his sofa and approaching Oliva as she sits opposite, seemingly videoing him on her mobile.

“Keep looking at your phone, keep looking at your phone…” he can allegedly be heard saying in Spanish.

The 53-year-old then appears to strike in Oliva's direction with his hand.

“What’s wrong with you, you crazy… Stop hitting. Stop, stop, stop,” she can apparently be heard shouting back in response.


The video was reportedly filmed at the footballer’s apartment in Buenos Aires when he returned to the country from his home in Dubai at the start of October following his father’s illness. It was broadcast for the first time via a lunchtime programme on South American television yesterday.

Argentine journalist Marina Calabró has since claimed that Maradona admitted to being the man in the video but has strongly denied any assault.

Speaking on Argentinian TV show Infama, she quoted Maradona as telling her: "I dropped her mobile, but I swear in the name of my children that I’ve never raise the hand to a woman.

"I admit I knocked the phone out of Rocio's hands but there's nothing more to it. The situation didn't continue."

A spokesperson for Maradona, who is currently thought to be at his home in Dubai without Oliva, is yet to respond to request for comment.


The incident marks the second time the former sportsman has reportedly been involved in a domestic altercation. In May 2013, he was allegedly seen by passengers on board a plane rowing with Oliva. He reportedly exchanged insults with an air stewardess and the wife of a politician as they attempted to defuse the situation.

Over the summer, he was captured on camera slapping a journalist in Buenos Aires, allegedly after he caught the man winking at his ex-partner, Veronica Ojeda.