Martha Stewart accuses Snoop Dogg of 'smoking for four hours' during Justin Bieber Roast

The actress claimed she felt 'woozy' after sitting next to the rapper

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Justin Bieber’s Roast will probably be remembered as one of Comedy Central’s harshest and most heated take downs to date.

Except perhaps in the eyes of one rapper, who coolly and calmly sat on the sidelines and watched as Will Ferrell in full Anchorman character, Jeff Ross, Shaquille O'Neal and Kevin Hart  gave the 21-year-old singer a verbal “d*ck kicking”, before getting up and taking a swing himself.

Martha Stewart, the author of some of the programme’s less broadcastable jokes, attended from New York after being personally invited by Bieber. She had an interesting theory as to why Snoop Dogg appeared so relaxed during the show.

“Snoop has medical reprieve for marijuana, so he smoked for four-and-a-half hours right next to me,” she claimed during a video interview with Pop Sugar. “These big, fat… I thought he was smoking cigars at first, and then I started to feel a little woozy.

“And he had come out of his trailer smoking, and his trailer, you couldn’t even see in his trailer. I did  not go in his trailer.”


Cannabis is legal on prescription for patients with a medical condition in Los Angeles, where the show was filmed.

Snoop is yet to clarify Stewart’s assertions about the contents of said cigars. He did, however, come up with some pretty inflammatory critique of his young peer.