Max Clifford guilty: Reality star Lauren Goodger stands by disgraced publicist ‘I'm very loyal to everyone who looks after me’

The TOWIE star sent her love to Clifford's family, after the King of Spin is jailed for a string of sexual assaults

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Max Clifford cut a lonely figure as he attended his court dates, during which he stood accused of sexually assaulting four teenage women aspiring for a career in the entertainment industry, entirely alone.

His isolation deepened after he was found guilty of eight counts of sexual assault and sentenced to eight years in prison last week.

Many of his clients – including X Factor boss Simon Cowell, who had credited the King of Spin with helping define his public persona – made moves to distance themselves from the man who, despite having aided the covering up of their sexual indiscretions, had failed to mask his own.

But it seems he has one supporter left in reality TV star Lauren Goodger, who publicly declared her decision to remain with his folding PR company Max Clifford Associates in a magazine column for New!.

"I am represented by Max Clifford Associates and, obviously, it is a really upsetting and sad time for everyone at the company, given that he was found guilty of eight indecent assaults," The Only Way Is Essex character wrote.

"There's not much I can say, but I'm very loyal to everyone who looks after me. I just want to send my love to his family at this difficult time."

 Goodger is apparently still hoping to launch a singing career, and will continue to employ the company, despite its namesake being the same man convicted of manipulating and molesting young women who, just like her, were promised with stardom.

"Lauren has been looked after by a couple of individuals from the team who will continue to look after her affairs at this current time," a spokesperson from Max Clifford Associates confirmed to The Mirror yesterday.

Max Clifford cut a lonely figure outside court last week

The comments come after reports that the PR firm is set to close following Clifford’s guilty verdict.

Its website,, was suspended last week, and the business had allegedly been losing profit over recent years.

Although latest financial records show that the firm was making more than £1million a year, the PR mogul revealed during his trial for sexual assault that the company also lost earnings of that amount.

His representatives were expected to announce news of the company’s closure following his sentencing last Friday (2 May).

"We've been told not to say anything," a staff member told Sky News. "There will be a statement, at some point after sentencing, that's all I can say."

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