Mick Jagger and Courtney Love perform Wonderwall duet at Oscars 2015 after-party

The Rolling Stones frontman and Hole star put on quite the show

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Just when you thought John Travolta’s miss-timed Idina Menzel chin grab was the most terrifying performance of the Oscars, the after parties happened.

And with them came the unholy union of Mick Jagger, Courtney Love and a karaoke rendition of “Wonderwall” watched by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper.

The Rolling Stones frontman, 71, took to the microphone with the Hole star, 50, to belt out a rendition of the Oasis classic beloved by first-time student guitar strummers at such an event in Beverly Hills.


“It was an absolute scream,” an insider told The Mirror.

“Guests were crowded around, clapping and singing along with them. It was a real crowd-pleaser. Mick was really giving it some swagger, and Courtney was absolutely loving it.”