Mike Read says 'Ukip Calypso' is 'nothing remotely racist'

Bookies odds already have Read at 50-1 to score a UK No.1 single this weekend

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Mike Read, the former radio DJ and the mastermind behind controversial new political reggae track "Ukip Calypso", has defended the song as "just a bit of fun", and denied that it is anything "remotely racist" – despite the fact he sings the entire piece in a mock-Caribbean accent.

"It's not terribly serious," he told Sky News, adding that the single he’s hoping will soar to the top of the charts this weekend sounds "very good sung in a Surrey accent".

If, for example, he had performed the song in the style of an Australian, he would have used an Australian accent – something he also doesn’t believe would remotely constitute as prejudice.

"Oh yes! When we take charge and the new Prime Minister is Farage," the lyrics read. "We can trade with the world again/ When Nigel is at number 10."

"Labours and Tories shaking in their boots/ When Ukip kick them up the grass roots," he sings elsewhere.


"Leaders committed a cardinal sin/ Open the borders let them all come in/ Illegal immigrants in every town/ Stand up and be counted Blair and Brown."

Bookies odds already have Read at 50-1 to score a UK No.1 single this weekend.

Both Farage and Ukip have tweeted messages this morning encouraging supporters to buy the song for 79p on Amazon, with 20p going to Ukip.

The cover art shows the politician with his hands raised, standing triumphantly in front of the iconic black door of 10 Downing Street.