Rob Ford is 'the best mayor in Toronto's history', says Mike Tyson

The former boxing champion and convicted rapist shows his support for Ford

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It’s the compliment no one ever wanted; to be told you’re good at your job by convicted rapist Mike Tyson.

The former boxing champion has branded Rob Ford - who has admitted to smoking crack cocaine - "the best mayor in Toronto’s history".

Tyson requested a meeting with Ford, who has been embroiled in a numerous incidents involving drink and drugs.

In May, he entered rehab, after another video of him allegedly smoking crack cocaine was released. An additional audio clip was also published, reportedly featuring Ford making racist, sexist and homophobic comments.

Over a year ago, a drug dealer was prevented from selling a video that claimed to show the mayor smoking crack cocaine. Police later confirmed that they had a film of the politician apparently committing the act, and Ford eventually admitted to using the drug while in a "drunken stupor".

Ford has refused to step down as Mayor, even running for re-election in October. But he gets Tyson’s vote, which must be a huge relief for him.

"He’s a human being," Tyson told reporters outside Toronto City Hall. "We have no idea what you do behind closed doors, what your habits are."

"He has a troubled past because he has 24-hour surveillance of the press," said Tyson of Ford. "Do you prefer him to be a guy who's clean-cut but behind the doors you never know what he's doing? That’s what human beings have a problem with, being real with themselves."

It would appear that the love is reciprocal. Ford said he has “idolised” the boxer - who was imprisoned for three years over rape charges in 1992 – since he was young.

"We’re cut from the same cloth," Ford said. "There’s no nonsense. I respect him."

When reporters questioned the Mayor about Tyson’s past, his response was impressively dismissive.

"And you guys are perfect?" he asked.