Mila Kunis tells men to stop saying 'we're pregnant': 'All you did was roll over and fall asleep'

The pregnant actress made the announcement on Jimmy Kimmel live

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Mother-to-be Mila Kunis has delivered a “very special message” to all soon-to-be-fathers: “Stop saying we’re pregnant”.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night, the Black Swan actress announced in rather unambiguous terms why she rejected the pronoun “we”.

Responding to Mr Kimmel’s remark and he and his wife were pregnant, the 30-year-old asked male members of the audience: “Do you have to squeeze a watermelon-sized person out of your lady-hole?

“Are you crying in your car alone listening to a stupid Bette Midler song?

“When you wake up and throw up is it because you’re nurturing a human life?”

In case you were wondering, the answer is "no; no; and no".

The fiancée of Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher offered a somewhat different explanation for male morning sickness: “It’s because you had too many shots of tequila. Do you know how many shot of tequila we had?

“None – because we can’t have shots of tequila. We can’t have anything, because we’ve got your little love goblin growing inside of us.

“All you did was roll over and fall asleep.”

Ms Kunis finished her tongue-in-cheek speech by tucking into a large tub of chocolate ice-cream, alongside a clutch of other pregnant women. 


The actress is set to marry 36-year-old Mr Kutcher after the birth of their first child, E! reported earlier this week.

The baby is expected in the autumn.