Miley Cyrus goes undercover on Jimmy Kimmel to find out what the public really think of her

And the result is pretty tepid. Poor Miley.

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Like her or loathe her, everyone has an opinion on Miley Cyrus. So the singer went undercover on Jimmy Kimmel’s show to see what people really thought of her.

Cyrus disguised herself (quite poorly) as an Australian called Janet for the talk show host's 'I Witness News' segment and took to the streets of LA to see if, despite the tabloid frenzy, people actually thought she was a bad role model.

The first man she interviewed said he didn’t like Cyrus's personal style. The man, who seemed to have a firm grasp on fashion as he sported a white string vest and a giant cowboy hat, explained that Cyrus was "not one of [his] favourites" and went on to say he didn't like her entire family.

Keen to find someone with a more pro-Miley stance, she quizzed a man outside American Apparel, who, while not having any strong opinions on the twerk enthusiast, admitted he just preferred Taylor Swift.


Undeterred, she asked one man if he heard the rumour that Cyrus would be naked on stage when presenting the VMAs, which finally, if slightly depressingly, seemed to get a positive reaction from someone.

So why the tepid reception? One elderly lady summed it up best.

“I think she just lost her mind in all the Hollywood madness,” she noted. Well there you go.

If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t hate Miley Cyrus, she is hosting the VMA music awards this weekend, which, given the fracas between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift last month, might make for quite good telly.