New Found Glory save horse named after band hours before it was due to be slaughtered

Guitarist Chad Gilbert stepped in to save the thoroughbred mare 

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New Found Glory managed to save a horse from the slaughterhouse hours before it was due to be killed.

Guitarist Chad Gilbert stumbled across a picture of a one-year-old horse - who also went by the name of New Found Glory – when she was up for sale at an auction house for $350 (£228).

The thoroughbred mare appeared underweight and was covered in mud, but the advert claimed she had a breeder’s certificate and a long life ahead of her if taken care of properly. At this point, Gilbert stepped in and purchased her.

The band then placed the horse at a new home in Texas with the help of the Freedom4Horses group.

“Last night I came across a horse that was supposed to be slaughtered at 10 m this morning," he wrote on Instagram. "Sooooo we bought it! Saved it and found her a home! She is in Texas now and I hope we get to meet her in person soon!”

A fundraising page has been set up and the animal’s new owner is asking New Found Glory fans to help the mare on her road to recovery.