New peers

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The following is a list of recently created peers with titles where announced. The extended list of Dissolution Honours makes for some delay in selection and gazetting of titles; dates of formal announcement are given where known.

AMERY, Julian: Lord Amery of Lustleigh.

ARCHER, Jeffrey: to be gazetted 27 July.

ARCHER, Peter: Lord Archer of Sandwell.

ASHLEY Jack: Lord Ashley of Stoke.

BARBER, Sir Derek: date to be announced.

BRAINE, Sir Bernard: date to be announced.

CHALKER, Lynda: Baroness Chalker of Wallasey.

CLARK, Sir William: to be gazetted 21 July.

COOKE, Victor: date to be announced.

EATWELL, John: Lord Eatwell.

EWING, Harry: Lord Ewing of Kirkford.

FINSBERG, Sir Geoffrey: Lord Finsberg.

GILMOUR, Sir Ian: date to be announced.

HAYHOE, Sir Barney: date to be announced.

HEALEY, Denis: Lord Healey.

HOWE, Sir Geoffrey: Lord Howe of Aberavon.

HOWELL, Denis: Lord Howell.

HOWELLS, Geraint: to be gazetted 18 July.

JAY, Mrs Margaret: to be gazetted 29 July.

LAWSON, Nigel: Lord Lawson of Blaby.

MOORE, John: Lord Moore of Lower Marsh.

OWEN, David: Lord Owen.

PARKINSON, Cecil: Lord Parkinson.

PLANT, Professor Raymond: date to be announced.

REES, Merlyn: Lord Merlyn-Rees.

RIDLEY, Nicholas: to be gazetted 28 July.

STEWART, Sir Ian: to be gazetted 20 July.

TEBBIT Norman: Lord Tebbit.

THATCHER, Margaret: Baroness Thatcher.

THOMAS, Dafydd Elis: date to be announced.

WALKER, Peter: Lord Walker of Worcester.

WILLIAMS, Gareth: date to be announced.

WEATHERILL, Bernard: Lord Weatherill.

YOUNGER, George: Lord Younger of Prestwick.