New peers (CORRECTED)

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The following is a list of recently created peers, with titles where announced. The extended list of Dissolution Honours makes inevitably for delay in selection and gazetting of titles; dates of formal announcement are given where known.

AMERY, Julian: Lord Amery of Lustleigh.

ARCHER, Jeffrey: to be gazetted 27 July.

ARCHER, Peter: gazetted 9 July, style to be announced.

ASHLEY, Jack: gazetted 10 July, style to be announced.

BARBER, Sir Derek: date to be announced.

BEITH, Alan: date to be announced.

BRAINE, Sir Bernard: date to be announced.

CLARK, Sir William: to be gazetted 21 July.

COOKE, Victor: date to be announced.

EATWELL, John: to be gazetted 14 July.

EWING, Harry: to be gazetted 17 July.

FINSBERG, Sir Geoffrey: Lord Finsberg.

GILMOUR, Sir Ian: date to be announced.

HAYHOE, Sir Barney: date to be announced.

HEALEY, Denis: Lord Healey.

HOWE, Sir Geoffrey: Lord Howe of Aberavon.

HOWELL, Denis: Lord Howell.

HOWELLS, Geraint: to be gazetted 18 July.

JAY, Mrs Margaret: to be gazetted 29 July.

LAWSON, Nigel: Lord Lawson of Blaby.

MOORE, John: Lord Moore of Lower Marsh.

OWEN, David: Lord Owen.

PARKINSON, Cecil: Lord Parkinson.

PLANT, Professor Raymond: date to be announced.

REES, Merlyn: Lord Merlyn-Rees.

RIDLEY, Nicholas: to be gazetted 28 July.

STEWART, Sir Ian: to be gazetted 20 July.

TEBBIT, Norman: Lord Tebbit.

THATCHER, Margaret: Baroness Thatcher.

THOMAS, Dafydd Elis: date to be announced.

WALKER, Peter: Lord Walker of Worcester.

WILLIAMS, Gareth: date to be announced.

WEATHERILL, Bernard: to be gazetted 15 July.

YOUNGER, George: Lord Younger of Prestwick.

Until a peer's title is gazetted, he or she retains his or her previous form of address, thus Sir Bernard Braine, Mr Archer, not Lord Braine, Lord Archer.


The name of Alan Beith MP was erroneously included in last Saturday's list of new peers. Mr Beith was sworn a Privy Councillor on 15 July.