£100m 'man from Del Monte' divorce battle ends in £15m settlement


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The estranged couple at the heart of what was billed Britain’s most expensive divorce battle have settled their differences with a £15m lump sum.

Lisa Tchenguiz had launched a claim for up to £100m but after a four-year battle she and her ex-husband Vivian Imerman have agreed a considerably lower settlement.

Mr Imerman, dubbed “the man from Del Monte” after selling a stake in the fruit juice company for £380m, said the settlement was “in the best interests of their daughter”. The couple separated in 2008.

A statement released on behalf of Mr Imerman said: “Vivian Imerman confirms, following negotiations between him and Lisa Tchenguiz and their respective advisers, that they have reached a full and final settlement of their ongoing divorce proceedings.

“Mr Imerman believes that this is in the best interests of their daughter.

“Mr Justice Moylan has now fully considered the terms of the settlement and has approved them as fair and reasonable. Mr Imerman confirms that he will pay a lump sum to Ms Tchenguiz of £15m in instalments, with no order for costs.”

Ms Tchenguiz’s chances of securing a £100m pay-off were severely set back after the Court of Appeal ruled that she would be unable to rely on documents that had been downloaded by her brothers from Mr Imerman’s computers when he was locked out of his offices.