Adorable 2-year-old toddler with Down Syndrome stars in Target advert

Izzy Bradley from Minneapolis is being celebrated across the internet after featuring in high-profile ad

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Two-year-old Izzy Bradley, who has Down Syndrome, has been hailed as a trailblazer after featuring in an advertisement for US retailer Target.

The toddler, who was contacted to model for Target via the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network (DSDN), was photographed in September of this year playing with a wooden activity cube.

The ad has run in newspapers, shopping catalogues and on TV. Izzy's mother Heather Bradley told Yahoo: "Whenever she sees the ad, either on television or in print, she smiles, points to herself and says 'Izzy."

A picture of Izzy in the ad now hangs on the wall of their local Target in Stillwater, Minnesotta.

As the leader of her local chapter's DSDN, Heather Bradley was instrumental in booking this landmark photoshoot - which she hopes will raise awareness and challenge disability discrimination.

"I really just hope that if a new mom, or an expectant mom, were to see a little girl in an ad that they would just have that sense of hope for their child, and that they would know really there's a great future for them," she said.

She also told CBS: "I think it really normalizes Down syndrome and helps people to see we’re really just like any other family.”

And social media has fallen for adorable Izzy, heralding her success.

Katie Driscoll said: "Love this! Love Target Baby just love love love! Take a min and continue to ask other retails to do the same."

Jennie MacGregor said: "Target doing a great job of helping break stigma Down syndrome with this sweet girl modeling in their circular."