Amy Winehouse advised by teenager

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Amy Winehouse asks her 15-year-old goddaughter for advice.

The troubled singer - who recently scrapped European tour dates following a disastrous performance in Belgrade - turns to Dionne Bromfield for support, and the young singer admits she is unsure why people always go to her with their problems.

Dionne said: "It's weird. I'm only 15 but a lot of people ask me for advice. Don't ask me why. And Amy is one of those people, always coming to me for advice."

During Amy's performance in Belgrade, the 'Back To Black' hitmaker - who recently sought rehab treatment for alcohol problems and has a history of drug addiction - appeared wild-eyed, behaved erratically and slurred her words.

Despite video footage of the show being posted on the internet, Dionne insists she hasn't seen the clips but finds it "sad" that Amy, 28, now appears to struggle with her music.

She told The Scotsman newspaper: "I haven't seen the video but I've heard. What can you say, really? I've seen some other footage of her and it is sad.

"But then again, you have to think if I feel sad watching this, how does she feel? Amy is Amy. She is her own person. We don't tell her what to do. Only she can decide. But you know, she's a massive talent and you can't knock her for that."