Angela Merkel makes first public appearance since skiing accident on crutches

The German Chancellor sang carols and appeared to be in good spirits despite limping on crutches

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It's back business for Angela Merkel after the German Chancellor has made her first public appearance since fracturing her pelvis in a skiing accident.

Ms Merkel joined a group children on Tuesday for a carol singing session. Although she was on crutches and limping slightly, the Chancellor appeared to be in good spirits as she sang along.

Angela Merkel Breaks Pelvis In Skiing Accident

The group of children were dressed in festive costumes and one young girl held up a song sheet for Ms Merkel to read from because she could not do so herself.

The Chancellor injured herself when she fell during a cross-country skiing accident in the alpine region in Engadin, Switzerland earlier this week.

On Monday government spokesman Steffen Seibert said that the Chancellor would be out of action for the next three weeks.

He explained that Ms Merkel initially thought that she had suffered bruising but a doctor's examination revealed a partial fracture to the left interior pelvic ring. She was told that the injury would require "lots of lying down".

However, it appears that Ms Merkel is determined to continue her duties despite the crutches and focus on running the new German coalition.