Anna Paquin loves London curries

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Anna Paquin always goes for a curry as soon as she comes to London.

The actress and her British husband Stephen Moyer have a home in the UK capital as well as a Stateside property and the blonde beauty admits her favourite thing about coming to the city is the quality of the Indian restaurants.

Anna - who was born in Winnipeg, Canada, but spent time in New Zealand and Los Angeles while growing up - said: "I love that you can't throw a stone without hitting an amazing Indian restaurant in London. That's kind of the first thing we do when we go back to London, eat really good curry."

Anna and Stephen's house is located in an exclusive part of north London and she insists no other city compares to it on a sunny day.

The 29-year-old actress - who stars in vampire series 'True Blood' with her husband - added to Stylist magazine: "Our house is right near Hampstead Heath and when it's sunny in London, there's just nothing quite as beautiful. I also love any city that has a good public transport system, because then you feel like you can immediately get around and go places and have adventures on your own."

Source:Bang Showbiz