Ariel Sharon in critical condition: The former Israeli prime minister needs 'miracle' to survive, hospital spokesperson says


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Ariel Sharon needs a “miracle” to survive, the head of Sheba Medical Center, Ze’ev Rotstein, has said.

Speaking during a televised statement, the spokesperson at the hospital where the former Israeli PM is being treated said: “If a miracle doesn't happen, the situation is getting worse day by day.”

Although he confirmed that doctors had managed to stabilize Sharon’s blood pressure, he said the small improvement would do little to help his current medical situation, and the continued deterioration of his organ function.

Last week, Rotstein said that he had also contracted a blood infection.

The former Israeli prime minister has been in a coma since 2006 following a stroke that incapacitated him at the height of his political power.

The Israeli press are reporting that his family have been called to his bedside.

Ariel Sharon: Former Israeli PM's Condition Deteriorates Sharply

Sharon is one of Israel’s most renowned but controversial generals.

As a politician, be became known as ”the bulldozer“ for his bold tactics, contempt for his critics and hard-line approach.

He was elected to prime minister in 2001.

In 2005, he directed the withdrawal of Israeli troops and settlers from the Gaza Strip, bringing an end to the country’s 38-year military control 0f the territory.

The move was seen as a shocking turnaround for Sharon, who had been a forerunner in the building of Jewish settlements in the captured area.

Later quitting the Likud Party, he formed a more central Kadima Party.

He appeared on his way to re-election, but suffered a stroke in January 2006 that left him in a coma. His deputy, Ehud Olmert, took over. A few months later, Olmert was elected prime minister.

At one point, Sharon was taken home briefly, but returned to the hospital where he has remained ever since. He occasionally opens his eyes and moves his fingers, but has remained incapacitated since his admission.