Arnold Schwarzenegger crushes bubble wrap with a tank because why not

"I finally possess my own f*cking tank!"

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has posted his very own 'Will it crush?' video on YouTube, laughing with glee as he drives over birthday cakes, bubble wrap, a piano and a Microsoft Zune in a tank.

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Action movie stars become aware of their own ridiculousness previously brought us the Expendables movies and Jean Claude Van Damme doing the splits between two trucks, and now Arnie has gone on a joyous tank rampage.

"Hi I'm Arnold Schwarzenegger. After hard work, labouring and slaving away I have finally achieved my life-long dream," the former Governor of California tells us.

"And it is not to do Terminator or Conan the Barbarian...but to finally possess my own f*cking tank!"

Arnie then proceeds to crush a disparate array of items in his riff on the infamous 'will it blend?' videos, including: a taxi cab, a piano, a weight bench, 66 birthday cakes (one for every one of his birthdays), a giant roll of bubble wrap, a DVD of Million Dollar Baby, an easter egg, a child's bike, a massive duck, a sofa, a toy tank and a Microsoft Zune.

Better still, Schwarzenegger invites you to donate to the charity After-School All-Stars through his Omaze page and win the chance to go tank driving with the man himself.

As he puts it so succinctly: "What are you waiting for? Come to Los Angeles, let's go around and crush things with a tank!"