Barack Obama and Joe Biden film work out video: Watch it here

Video shows the President and his deputy following a short workout routine at the White House - while still suited and booted

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Obesity had long been an endemic problem in the US, and a whopping 74 per cent of the country’s population is overweight.

Step up Michelle Obama and her ‘Let’s Move!’ campaign, through which the First Lady promotes exercise and healthy eating in American kids.

While her husband struggles to get US politics moving in any direction, to mark the fourth anniversary of the campaign, Mrs Obama has got him involved to show off the way he keeps fit. Sort of.

The short and beautifully cheesy clip opens with Obama sitting in his office looking through some papers when his deputy Joe Biden pops in to invite him to get moving.

“Absolutely, let’s do this thing, let’s move,” Obama responds.

Still in their trousers, shirts, shoes and ties, the pair are then shown running through the White House and out onto the porch, before stretching off, heading back inside and enjoying a glass of water each.

And that’s that - The video may be tackling a serious subject and be aimed at kids, but after watching you wouldn't be blamed for thinking the pair could have had a bit more fun with it.

Video courtesy of #LetsMove