Beauty and the Brain: So, what attracted you to a short, balding egomaniac?

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When Salman Rushdie returned from his honeymoon with supermodel Padma Lakshmi in 2004, he was asked how he was enjoying married life. Rushdie snapped: "Why do people only want to talk to me about being married these days?" and flounced off.

The marriage lasted until July 2007, it turned out. The following summer, the four-times-divorced author told The New York Times: "I'm totally eligible, single and available," and, as if by magic, the girls came running.

Many women are attracted to intelligent men. So as Sir Salman is seen with a new squeeze we have to ask: is this the cleverest man on earth?

Padma Lakshmi

Her marriage to Rushdie ended in 2007 amid accusations that he was too dull and she was too stupid. Lakshmi is a chef, author, actress and model.

Aita Ighodaro

Only last year Rushdie enjoyed the company of this 25-year-old. By a happy coincidence, Ms Ighodaro's website revealed her to be a budding author.

Pia Glenn

After Rushdie split from the actress in the summer, she accused him of still loving Lakshmi. He hit back, calling her a "large, radioactive bucket of stress".

Min Lieskovsky

Rushdie was seen out last week with the Harvard graduate. Last year she said: "I'm addicted to male models." But then anyone can fancy a change.