Bollywood director Mahmood Farooqui arrested over rape allegations

Popular film-maker accused of sexually assaulting an American woman who visited his home, accusations which have been denied

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Indian police have arrested Bollywood director Mahmood Farooqui following allegations that he raped an American woman.

The film-maker is alleged to have assaulted the woman, a Hindi studies scholar carrying out field work in India, when she reportedly visited his home in March this year.

Farooqui is the co-director, along with his wife Anusha Rizvi, of the 2010 Bollywood hit Peepli Live.

In a statement quoted by the Times of India, Farooqui's wife called the allegations "manipulated, false and belated".

According to the Times of India article the police asked Farooqui to attend the police station on Saturday and arrested him there.