Brian blessed withdraws from 'King Lear' production, after collapsing on stage

His agent said the actor didn't realise how serious is heart condition is

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Brian Blessed has withdrawn from a production of Shakepeare's King Lear, a week after collapsing on stage.

The English actor, known for his booming voice, is playing the lead role in the production.

After he collapsed last week, he initially decided to continue with the show, but has since stepped down in light of medical advice.

He will be replaced in the role by fellow veteran actor Terence Wilton.


Blessed’s agent said the actor’s heart condition is “more serious than he was aware”.

“On the advice of his specialist, and with a broken heart, Brian has therefore been compelled to withdraw from the production of which he is so proud."

The statement went on to say that the actor, 78, is "immensely grateful" for the support The Guildford Shakespeare company has given him.

Blessed will be making no further comment at this time, his agent added.

When the actor collapsed on stage last week, he bravely continued the show after a 20-minute break.

He told the audience in Guildford: “I feel such an idiot and am not in the habit of doing this, but I have a little fibrillation.” He then asked if a doctor was in the house.

Fortunately, a surgeon at Holy Trinity Church in Guildford assisted Blessed in front of theatre-goers, including his daughter Rosalind, before he was clapped off stage, Mail Online reported.

Blessed successfully completed the play, patting his heart and giving a thumbs up before leaving at the end.