Cameron Diaz covers up on flights

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Cameron Diaz wraps herself up like a mummy to avoid being recognised on flights.

The 'Bad Teacher' star was spotted covering herself in a black scarf to hide her face as she caught a 7am flight from New York to Los Angeles.

A source told the New York Daily News newspaper that Cameron does this to sleep on fights because "she feels so vulnerable asleep in public as a celebrity".

After getting some rest on the flight, Cameron was spotted talking to singer-and-songwriter Blake Ian, and said she had flown to Los Angeles to see a friend's baby.

Cameron is not the only celebrity to use a disguise in public. James Bond actor Daniel Craig wears a false beard when he is going out to have a quiet drink.

He said: "I wish, sometimes, I could just go sit and spend the afternoon in the pub. Well, you know, if I'm quiet and I wear a hat, a pair of sunglasses and a false beard, I could probably get away with it."

Singer Beyonce Knowles is also prone to disguising herself, and once dressed as Disney character Goofy so she could take her six-year-old nephew Daniel to Disneyland.

She said: "I had on the biggest Goofy hat! It was supposed to be a disguise, with this big brim that covered my face, and floppy ears on the sides, but by the end of the trip I realised that people knew I was making a fool of myself in this hat. It was a really nice memory for me."

Source: Bang Showbiz