Cancer-hit Jade goes shopping for wedding dress

Jade Goody has gone shopping for a wedding dress after doctors told her she had just months to live.

The reality TV star, who was told on Friday that her cancer had become terminal, was pushed in a wheelchair by her fiance Jack Tweed.

He went with her from the Royal Marsden Hospital in Chelsea to Knightsbridge, where she chose her dress at an Armani store, according to newspaper reports.

Goody, 27, has said she is desperate to spend what time she has left with Tweed, 21, and her two young children, Bobby, five, and Freddie, four.

Tweed proposed to her at her hospital bedside on Friday, and the couple are planning to marry as soon as possible.

Reports speculated the venue might be the hospital's Victorian chapel or Sir Elton John's £20m mansion near Windsor Castle.

Goody told Sunday's News of the World: "I love Jack with all my heart and I want to be his wife more than anything in the world. And I will be.

"He's devastated but he's really trying to hold it together for me. But as soon as he found out I was going to die he just said, 'Right then we're getting married. You're a special woman, I love you and I would be honoured to call you my wife. And I don't care if it's just for a few weeks'."

Goody, originally from Bermondsey, south London, was first diagnosed with cervical cancer in August.

Last week she learned the cancer had spread to her bowel, liver and groin and underwent a lengthy procedure to remove a golfball-sized tumour.

After doctors told her chemotherapy had failed to stop the cancer spreading, Goody said she pinned her hopes on other treatments.

"When they first told me the chemo hadn't worked they said it didn't have to be the end," she said.

"They said there were lots of other medicines out there and there were other things they could do.

"I know they've done everything they can to help me and I'm grateful. But I really thought I might be OK."

However, she added: "I suppose there was this little part of me that didn't. Since my bowel operation last week the pain has been getting worse and worse and I still haven't been to the loo and I knew that was a bad sign. But I was still praying for a miracle."

Goody found fame after her appearance in the 2002 series of reality television show Big Brother.

Her anarchic appearance on the show won her a place in the nation's affections and she has lived in the spotlight ever since.

But she hit the headlines for the wrong reasons in 2007 after she was accused of racism and bullying towards Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty when the pair appeared on Celebrity Big Brother.