Cate Blanchett celebrates Best Actress Oscar by getting a tattoo with Amy Adams

The Australian actress was photographed heading out of tattoo parlour the Shamrock Social Club in West Hollywood after her win

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There are many ways, we can imagine, that the Oscars winners will celebrate the occasion.

But few would have marked Cate Blanchett out to be the commemorative tattoo type.

The Australian star – who picked up the Best Actress Academy Award for her part in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine – was pictured leaving tattoo parlour the Shamrock Social Club in West Hollywood with a tell-tale bandage adorning her wrist.

Amy Adams, who was nominated for the Best Actress Oscar for her role in American Hustle, and her fiancé Darren Le Gallo accompanied the actress to the popular shop. Le Gallo was also wearing a bandage as he left the parlour.

Earlier the same day, Blanchett appeared on Ellen Degeneres’s chat show (scroll down to watch the video).


Staggering onto the stage, pretending to lug her super-heavy Academy Award behind her, she joked about her deep, party-worn voice being the result of "hormone therapy" and her lack of memory being triggered by "early on-set dementia".

"Really?" Ellen countered her, before reassuring the audience, "I don’t think so. That’s not true."

But Blanchett did almost forget to collect her award on Sunday night.

"I was with Julia Roberts in the bar for rather too long and just got back to my seat in time," she told E! News.

During her speech, Blanchett made a point of thanking Woody Allen, despite the backlash the director faced following his Golden Globes Lifetime Achievement award.

"Thank you so much Woody for casting me. I'm so very proud that Blue Jasmine stayed in the cinemas for as long as it did.

"Female films with women at the centre - people want to see them, they earn money. The world is round people!"

Read Cate Blanchett's acceptance speech in full here.

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