Celebrity: How Katie Holmes gives good ad as the face of Bobbi Brown


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Nice smoky shadow and liner, girlfriend. Also, we love the pleasing lack of cold, grey sadness in the windows of her soul.


It's dewy, natural, doesn't seem to have seen the inside of a spray tan booth. Looking like this, there's no way the US magazine that called her a zombie (and got sued for it) would have a leg to stand on. I'll definitely have a tube of what she's wearing.


Here's Katie Holmes' first ad for Bobbie Brown and doesn't she – and her hair – look great? OK, so Bobbie Brown is a cosmetics company. But check out those locks. Light years away from her doll-like bob during the TomKat years.


Interesting jewellery that makes her look like the hottie next door, rather than the plaything of the king of Hollywood.