Celebrity lookalikes: Stars who lost their glow by using imposters


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Rod Stewart caused a stir with his recent confession that he sent his road manager to pass his driving test for him in 1967. But Stewart was certainly not the last pop star to send an imposter in his place.

Last year Lady Gaga sent doubles out of tour buses ahead of her to distract fans and photographers. And her fellow superstar Beyoncé had Austrian tabloids up in arms in 2009 after she was accused of sending someone who looked like her to visit the world-famous Albertina museum in Vienna. The stand-in then had her picture taken with the museum's director.

And in 1998 Mark Morrison, the R&B singer, was sent to prison after he paid a lookalike to carry out community service for him, while he went on tour, making him perhaps the least successful practioner of the tactic. Unless, of course, he got the lookalike to take his place in Wormwood Scrubs too...