Colin Farrell’s ‘terrifying’ sober sex ordeal and more from the Hollywood king of oversharing


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It feels like there’s barely a month that goes by in which Colin Farrell doesn’t let the world know about something he probably shouldn’t.

February’s revelation – made public just in time for Valentine’s Day – includes his first sober sex experience.

“I made love to a woman about two and half years after I got clean, and it was one of the most terrifying moments of my life,” the 37-year-old Irish actor told Elle magazine.

“It was in the afternoon. The windows and the curtains were open. It was lovely, and to be crass, it wasn't f**king. She was very gentle. But it was terrifying.

“Because I was just used to drunkenness and dark rooms and clubs and toilets and wherever.”

Quite why he felt the need to regale the world with this information remains slightly unclear.

But this is just one of many blush-inducing romantic overshares he felt the need to unleash in recent weeks. For example, in January…

The Elizabeth Taylor ‘Affair’

Farrell meandered dangerously off-piste when discussing his new movie on the Ellen DeGeneres show in December. And by off-piste, we mean flinging himself head-first into a love confessional.

”It was kind of like the last, it feels like in my head, not her, I’m projecting, but the last kind of romantic relationship I had,” he said of the late Hollywood actress, who was more than 40 years his senior.

Although, he added with a squirm-inducing turn of phrase, it was “never consummated”.

And then there was…

That Sex Tape

It’s the ultimate overshare – and a whole lot of Farrell was indeed on display during his videoed tryst with Playboy model Nicole Narain. Narain was offered $5million for the rights to the film in 2005, but Farrell sued his former lover to prevent the sale. Like almost everything that exists on film in the modern age, however, it was later leaked online, allowing the entire world to view the Irish stud in very vocal action.

“It certainly wasn't a validation of my prowess,” he says, oversharing the sex tape overshare one more time during his Elle interview. “The whole thing was horrifying. You know, press record. Taboo. Isn't this interesting?

”I was deposed for four hours explaining why I didn't want it to be released. God forbid it's an on-demand movie in a hotel room and my mother says, 'Oh, I haven't seen this work of my son's,' and hits purchase.“

And just when he thought the whole debacle was over, in December he experienced…

That Awkward Moment When Sharon Osbourne Quoted His Sex Tape Back At Him

And you know an overshare has gone that step too far when someone you’ve never met is quoting your own pillow talk back at you from Graham Norton’s couch:


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