Celebrity Big Brother star Dappy’s management forced to pay bailiffs £6,000 after they threatened to raid CBB House

Dappy apparently signed a £100,000 deal for the latest series of the show

Dappy’s management were allegedly forced to pay bailiffs £6,000 after the debt collectors threatened to raid the Celebrity Big Brother house to extract the money they claimed to be owed.

According to reports, the former N-Dubz star is currently in debt, but bailiffs had been unable to locate him until they saw him on the show.

"His management got an irate call from bailiffs who said they were fed up hunting for him," a source alleged to The Sun.

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"His appearance on CBB had basically been winding up the creditors - so they were planning to go to the house to serve him with court papers.

"His people were worried it would have made him look ridiculous - so paid the bill."

A spokesperson for Dappy declined to comment on whether management had forked out to prevent the action.

However, a representative for Celebrity Big Brother denied that bailiffs had threatened to raid the house directly, commenting when asked for clarification: "This is not true."

Dappy apparently signed a £100,000 deal for the latest series of the Channel 5 show.

If reports of his financial woes are true, he would be the second member of the former hip-hop group to struggle with debts.

Fazer, 26 applied for bankruptcy on 4 December 2013 under his real name, Richard Rawson.

Tulisa, too, who is currently facing a criminal trial for the alleged supply of Class A drugs to an undercover journalist, sparked reports of financial difficulties after she put her £4.6million Hertfordshire mansion up for sale.

This is also the second scandal to plague Dappy during his time in the CBB house.

The star was reprimanded by producers for using homophobic language.

During a conversation with US model and actress Jasmine Waltz, she asked him whether he had ever performed an oral sex act on himself. Dappy looked surprised and replied, “Do I look bent?”

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The 26-year old was called to the Diary Room where he was warned about his behaviour.

Producers were concerned that the anti-gay slur could be deemed derogatory by viewers of the reality TV show.

N-Dubz parted ways in 2011 after releasing a greatest hits album, and have not worked together since.