David Beckham involved in Beverley Hills car crash

Former England captain reportedly crashed head-on into another 4x4 while pulling out of his own driveway

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David Beckham has been involved in a car crash outside his Beverley Hills home.

Police were called to the scene after Beckham, 38, appeared to have pulled out of the hedge-lined driveway to his mansion and immediately collided head-on with a another car.

A source said to be close to the Beckham family confirmed the incident, telling Sky News: “There was an incident on Friday between David and a woman driving a car.”

Reports suggested that no action would be taken against either driver, and the source added: “No one was hurt and there was no need for drivers to exchange details.”

The former England captain was behind the wheel of his black Range Rover Sport, and had 14-year-old son Brooklyn in the front passenger seat with him, according to local media.

Photos captured by a reporter on the scene for X17online.com showed significant damage to the front of both cars involved.

The other vehicle was a white Acura, also a high-end 4x4, driven by an unidentified woman.

After the crash, Beckham reversed his vehicle back up the driveway before re-emerging a short while later to speak to police.

This is not the first time David and Brooklyn Beckham have been involved in a car crash – two years ago the pair had “a lucky escape”, again in a black 4x4, while on the way to school.

That crash, on one of California’s busiest highways, involved a number of vehicles and the driver of another car had to be taken to hospital.