De Gaulle would have been proud

Carla Bruni outshone them all on anniversary of general's broadcast
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Poor Carla Bruni. You've got to sympathise. With legs that long, cheekbones that sharp, a derrière that pert, and a mane that thick and glossy, it's no wonder the First Lady of France is stuck for choices when it comes to perfecting her ideal camera pose. Especially when the former supermodel has just one day to squeeze in an entire career's worth of runway shots.

"Should I tilt my 'ead like this? Or flick my 'air like that?" Such thoughts must have rushed through the Bruni brain as photo-op after photo-op presented itself on Friday.

Luckily, she's a professional, as you can tell from the way she hogged the lens limelight during her fleeting visit. There was the seated half-body twist at the Royal Hospital Chelsea; that stride ahead of not only SamCam, but also the UK and French leaders into the Terracotta Room at No 10; the shoulder first, sideways-on pose next to Prince Charles outside Clarence House; the curls tumbling, L'Oréal-worthy strut behind her husband at the wreath-laying at Carlton Gardens; and that Downing Street air kiss, cheeks hollowed to bone-sharpening precision.

SamCam, in a £450 Emilia Wickstead maternity number, could only watch and weep.

Thank God for digital photography: how else would the paparazzi have kept up? Pity the poor IoS picture editor who had to whittle them all down to eight shots. And the reason for the visit? It was actually to mark the 70th anniversary of General de Gaulle's radio broadcast urging France to resist the Nazi occupation, not so the British press could lust after Madame's Dior dress, beautiful as it was.