Diana feng shui letter under the hammer

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A letter hinting at Princess Diana's belief in feng shui to help heal after her split with the Prince of Wales is expected to fetch £600 at auction today.

The letter was written by the princess in June 1994, the same month that Charles confessed to his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles in a television interview with Jonathan Dimbleby.

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese system of arranging furniture and positioning objects to encourage the flow of positive energy and fend off negativity.

In her letter, Diana revealed that a feng shui expert visited her Kensington Palace home and she rearranged her bedroom and sitting room on his advice.

She wrote: "I had a fascinating time with him as he travelled around my 'stressed out' environment."

The letter goes under the hammer at Dominic Winter, near Cirencester, in Gloucestershire.

The auction house said it is already "causing a buzz" among collectors of royal memorabilia worldwide.

Also up for auction are a 1993 Christmas card sent by Diana featuring a photograph of the princess with princes William and Harry, a 1996 signed photograph of Diana with charity fundraisers and copies of the catalogue from a charity auction of some of Diana's dresses at Christie's New York.