Did Beckham use a 'botty double' in his latest underwear advert?


He's got one of the most famous, envied and scrutinised physiques in the world, but that hasn't stopped David Beckham apparently using a body double for his latest underwear adverts.

Internet speculation, driven by images taken on the shoot for the the H&M advert, has suggested the Paris St Germain player may have used a 'botty double' - a body double for his bottom.

The Guy Ritchie-directed advert, which aired last night for the first time on British TV, features the star getting his dressing gown stuck in a car door and running after the vehicle wearing nothing but a pair of H&M boxer shorts.

Speculation that Beckham may have used a double comes from a shot of Beckham from behind in which tattoos on his right arm disappear and his shoulders appear to have become broader.

So, did Beckham use a botty double?

View the video above and make up your own minds...

Watch the behind-the-scenes video below