Dionne Bromfield wanted to honour Amy with concert

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Amy Winehouse's goddaughter Dionne Bromfield decided to play a concert on the day she died in honour of her.

The 15-year-old singer had been guided in her musical career by the 'Back to Black' hitmaker and made the decision to go on stage at a concert in Cardiff, Wales, because she wanted to pay tribute to Amy when she found out she had passed away suddenly at her north London home on July 23.

Speaking to Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills, Dionne said: "I was in my dressing room, it was 15 minutes before [I was due onstage] then the whole atmosphere went from being happy to everyone just quiet.

"I didn't have a chance to think, my mind went blank, at first I was thinking, 'It's not true.'

"I was thinking, 'Oh god, I've got to perform,' and people were saying, 'Don't do it, if you don't want to do it', no-one was pressurising me to it, but I knew, Amy would want me to do it, she was one of my biggest fans, so I didn't want to be sitting there, crying around, obviously you're going to be upset, but I thought, 'Amy loved to see me perform, so do it for Amy.' "

Dionne - who was joined by Amy on stage at London's Roundhouse just days before she passed away - admits she is still coming to terms with the 'Rehab' star's death.

The 'Yeah Right' singer doesn't think she will fully accept what has happened until the interest in Amy's death has lessened.

She added: "I still don't believe it, not even now, it's not sinked in. At Amy's funeral it hit me hard, but now, I hear about her a lot, you see picture of her, she's on the radio, so it's like she's there.

"It's strange I think when it finally sinks in, it will hit me really hard."

Dionne had most recently worked with her godmother on her second album, 'Good for the Soul' - which was released on Amy's label Lioness Records - and she is adamant she was firmly on the road to recovery at the time of her death after having overcome her problems with drugs and alcohol.

Dionne said: "[The last time I saw her] she was fine, I think that was the best time I've ever seen her. She was one of my biggest fans, so it's such a shame to know she was at her best moment and three days later, unfortunately [she was gone]."