Doesn’t this girl’s knee look like Kanye West?

Behold! The body part being compared to the self-comparing rapper

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We all know Kanye West is a man of many, many self-comparisons.

From the pyramids to Picasso, from Steve Jobs to, erm, Willie Wonka. He is all of these things, according to himself.

But it was only a matter of time before people started turning the tables and comparing themselves to him.

However few would have thought they'd ever be confronted with the following: a girl with a knee that looks exactly like Kanye West.

Seriously. It does.

While it’s not entirely clear whether the image presents a genuine genetic quirk – a natural fold of the skin that creates the spitting image of ol’ Kneezy – or a very clever Photoshop job done by a fanatic with far too much time on their hands (in their laps?), we – and half of the users of Imgur – are finding it rather uncanny.

Here's Kanye's real face... But does the knee look more like the rapper than he does? Just a thought...

As of yet, a spokesperson for Kanye West is yet to respond to requests for comment on whether the rapper feels the knee is truly representative of his God-like self.

So until then, we’ll let you judge for yourselves...

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