‘I'm never going to tell you to lose weight’: Drew Barrymore promises change in new high-profile editor's role. Change and egg sandwiches

The actress, director, producer, photographer and vinter adds ‘editor’ to her CV, as she takes on the role of as editor-at-large at Refinery29

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Just when you thought Drew Barrymore’s extensive career couldn’t get any more varied, she goes and adds a high-profile job in publishing to her already over-flowing curriculum vitae.

The actress, director, producer, photographer, beauty entrepreneur and winemaker will join leading US fashion and lifestyle website Refinery29 as the editor-at-large.

There, she will advise on the direction of the brand, and contribute content covering a range of different topics, from food and entertainment to dishing out advice on careers and motherhood.

"The Internet terrifies me because I just don’t feel like I grew up with technology," Barrymore told the LA Times earlier this week.

"However, I love the aspect of a library of information at your fingertips, guides and how-tos, lists and best-ofs. Refinery has all that. So when they asked me, it made a ton of sense. Plus, I love writing, and I don’t usually have an outlet for that."

Barrymore’s first ever contribution was actually a recipe for her famed egg sandwich. But, says editor-in-chief Christene Barberich, she’s got more to offer the site - which boasts 8 million unique users a month - than a sprinkling of cress and a dollop of mayo.

"Drew possesses so many genuine qualities," she said. "She's smart, funny, confident, stylish, a natural-born entrepreneur with an artist's spirit ... The list goes on."

And we all know that the internet loves a list. Ask Buzzfeed. They know.

Plus, Barrymore’s already prepared some gripping advice for her readers to start the ball rolling.

 "I don’t like when people seem too put together," she said. "I would rather write a column about how to nerd out and spend a night at home on the couch. And I'm never going to tell you how to lose weight. I'm not that girl. But I would love to do a top 10 list of books for toddlers."

In other ‘Drew Barrymore takes on the publishing world’ news, she’s got a book coming out next week called Find It in Everything: a photographic collections of stuff shaped like hearts.

She’s also busy scribbling away at a collection of short stories.

"I have a tendency to over-saturate my point and be redundant," Barrymore concluded encouragingly.