Ellen DeGeneres's record-breaking Oscars selfie gets a Kevin Spacey makeover with added John Terry (but no Liza Minnelli)

Just when you thought Bradley Cooper's effort couldn't possibly be improved, this happens

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Bradley Cooper's super-human arm stretch managed to capture the most retweeted image of all time for Ellen DeGeneres at the Academy Awards last night.

But a round of applause please to whomever replaced every A-list face in the shot with Kevin Spacey’s fine features.

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The resulting image might not have garnered quite the same high social sharing volume, but it’s hot on its viral heels.

Spacey is, of course, himself an Oscar winner. The House of Cards star scored the coveted Best Actor Award for his role in American Beauty in 1999.

He’s also got a great face, that uncannily seems to look just as comfortable on everyone else’s face as it does on his own. What a guy.


Another favourite is this good spot from Paddy Power (well, they needed a small win after this PR blunder over the weekend), in which Chelsea captain John Terry appears to have joined the crew:

Spare a thought, however, for Liza Minnelli, who’s gallant effort to get in Degeneres’ uber-selfie was thwarted by her own height – as captured by this eagle-eyed Oscar attendee:

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