Emma Watson: Squeaky clean... and filthy rich

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How did that happen? How did the cute-as-a-button little girl in a kids' movie become the best-paid actress in Hollywood?

Emma Watson's mega-pay day comes from filming the last two Harry Potter flicks back-to-back in 2009, each earning her £10m. She has very little screen experience for one with such star power. But what she has got is that cash-generating combination – a blameless reputation and pots of potential.

She attends the prestigious Brown University in the US and is the face of the quintessential British brand Burberry. She hasn't stumbled out of a nightclub drunk, or bitched up her co-stars, or slept with John Terry. And for that I applaud her. She's a proper role model for little girls. Work hard, brush your hair and be polite. It beats aspiring to be a WAG.

For Emma herself, who presumably doesn't have a self-destruct button, there's only one problem: there's nothing left to have teenage angst about. Just as well she's close to turning 20.