Fame: Transformers - celebrities in disguise


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Poor Rupert Grint. Harry Potter's sidekick is so famous he has to wear animal masks at music festivals to prevent fans from recognising him.

"There are a lot of drunk people that want to pick me up and do crazy things," the 23- year-old told Radio 1. Grint has sported duck and horse masks but he's not the first celeb to don a disguise. Astute Glastonbury-goers would have spotted Lily Allen and Alex Turner dressed as a giant mushroom and dinosaur respectively.

With festival season around the corner, keep your eyes peeled. The guy in the chimpanzee mask might turn out to be Pete from accounts, but there could be a star under there. And if Grint really wants to be left alone, can we suggest this Ron Weasley costume from joke.co.uk? It would really throw the public off.