Gaga for Gaga: World tour


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Perhaps it was for the best that no one chose to copy the meat dress. After all, the "little monsters", as Lady Gaga's army of fans call themselves, did not seem to be struggling for wardrobe options when they turned out in Seoul for the start of their idol's world tour.

Moments before hitting the stage, the American diva wrote to her adoring fans on Twitter: "I can hear you Korea. I'm shaking." Maybe she had seen them too. Female and male, young and not so young, they donned outrageous outfits – despite a ban imposed against those aged under 18 attending the concert, her second in the nation, after it was rated unsuitable for younger audiences.

Some male fans wore leather corsets over black and white suits, and black sunglasses with metal spikes, while scores of others put on facepaint. Lace, stockings and even household appliances were put to use by the fans celebrating the star.

And as for Gaga herself? Her tour costumes include a black bodysuit made of hundreds of glittering vinyl tubes sewn together with metal studs and glass pieces, and a long, skin-coloured latex tunic. And so it goes on.