Goody's husband convicted of assault

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Jade Goody's husband Jack Tweed cried in the dock after being convicted of assaulting a taxi driver.

Jack, 21, was convicted of attacking Stephen Wilkins in Epping last May. He had denied the offence.

He is due to be sentenced on March 26 but his lawyer pleaded with magistrates to suspend the sentence for six months - saying Jade had just four weeks to live after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

She added the couple married less than two weeks ago and his "partying" days were over.

"His partying lifestyle is well and truly over and has been for some months now," she said.

"He tries within the confines of his tag to care for her. He is unable to work."

Magistrates were told that Jack grabbed Mr Wilkins around the neck and threatened to stab him as the taxi drove at about 50mph.

Jack said he was "stupid drunk" and had no memory of the incident.

It is the second time in six months that Jack has been convicted of assault.

Last September he was given an 18-month prison term after being found guilty of attacking a 16-year-old boy with a golf club in Ongar, Essex.