Paul Walker tops Google Zeitgeist list of most searched for People in 2013

The late Fast & Furious star, who died in a car crash on 30 November, was laid to rest during a funeral on Sunday

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Paul Walker has topped the Google UK Zeitgeist chart of the most searched for people on the internet in 2013.

The late Fast & Furious star, who died in a car crash on 30 November, was laid to rest during a funeral on Sunday.

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News of his death sparked an outpouring of grief and emotion from fans, friends and family alike, while thousands turned out to honour the star at a social media-organised memorial and vehicle procession through Santa Barbara, California where the actor lived and died.

He is closely followed by late Glee star Cory Monteith, who similarly suffered a tragic fate when he was found dead in his hotel room after overdosing on heroin. His passing was marked with a tribute episode on the hit FOX musical show.

Disgraced athlete Oscar Pistorius was the third most searched for person, while the late Nelson Mandela, late Margaret Thatcher and Dr Who star Peter Capaldi are in at four, five and six respectively.

Nigella Lawson’s shock drugs confession and high profile divorce from Charles Saatchi made her the seventh most searched for person on Google this year. Tom Daley, Lou Reed and Joey Essex followed in eighth, ninth and tenth place.

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Meanwhile, the list of most searched for celebrities told a different tale entirely.

Kim Kardashian came out on top, with more people typing her name into the bar than any other living star on the planet in 2013.

This was no doubt aided by her very public relationship with outspoken rapper Kanye West, with whom she welcomed baby North West in June and announced her engagement to in September.

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She is followed by boyband One Direction, who were the second most searched for celebrities. Miley Cyrus’ various raunch-filled performances saw her the third most searched for, while Justin Bieber’s sudden turn to the dark (ish) side made him the fourth most searched for celebrity.

Kate Middleton, Taylor Swift and Martin Lewis (from followed in sixth, seventh and eighth, while name searches for Beyoncé – which have no doubt surged since she surprise-released a whole new album on iTunes last week – catapulted her into number eight.

Tennis champion Andy Murray and One Direction singer Harry Styles were named Google’s ninth and tenth most searched for celebrities in 2013.

Most searched for chart refers to queries with the largest volume of traffic over the past year. See the lists in full below: