Gordon Brown earns £62,000 for a speech

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Gordon Brown has earned hundreds of thousands of pounds from speeches and a book deal since leaving Downing Street, according to the register of MPs' interests.

The former prime minister is being paid around £50,000 per speech and earned an advance payment of £78,290 for his book detailing the global economic crisis.

Mr Brown has made clear that he does not personally receive the money earned from speeches; instead it is held by the Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown to employ staff to support his "ongoing involvement in public life". He said all the profits from his book Beyond the Crash would go to charity.

He was paid £71,544 for his role as "distinguished global leader in residence" at New York University and £62,181 for making a speech in Nigeria organised by This Day newspaper. He was also paid £49,053 for a speech to King Saud University in Saudi Arabia.