Harry Styles pelted between the legs by flying bottle thrown by supposed One Direction fan

The unfortunate 1D star was hit by a Red Bull can on tour earlier this month

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He was once known as One Direction’s biggest ladies’ man, but female fans seem to have fallen out of love with Harry Styles of late.

The singer was pelted between the legs by a bottle thrown from a fan in the crowd after Styles teasingly threw water over concert-goers standing next to the stage.

The embarrassing mishap left the 1D star recoiling in pain during the momentary glitch at the concert in Ottawa.

But it’s not the first time the 21-year-old has been attacked by flying objects on stage. Last month, the singer was hit on the head by what appeared to be a can of Red Bull thrown from the audience.

The Canadian culprits of the latest incident might expect to hear from Harry Styles’ mum soon.

Anne Twist, mother to Styles, condemned the Red Bull throwing during the band’s performance on Philadelphia, calling the incident “dangerous” and warning others not to do the same.