Inside the Big Sur society wedding of Napster co-founder Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas: I now pronounce you man and Khaleesi (Dothraki for wife of the khal, obviously)


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“Just because we don’t trust our guests to dress themselves properly doesn’t mean we want them to look like Game of Thrones characters,” wrote Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sean Parker on his Twitter feed in April.

It was in response to a story in the New York Post which suggested the Napster co-founder was having a Medieval-themed costume wedding to celebrate his marriage to singer Alexandra Lenas. “This is not a ‘theme’  wedding,” Parker responded. Though he explained that he had hired Ngila Dickson, the  Oscar-winning costume designer of The Lord of the Rings, to design outfits for their 300 guests. Presumably because Moss Bros San Jose doesn’t do fitted Orc costumes.

The nuptials took place on Saturday in Big Sur, California, with a distinct lack of Game of Thrones-ian leather  and armour on show. Lenas’s dress, though, did carry hints of dragon-loving Daenerys Targaryen’s clobber in the show. It’s not known whether the vows were read in Dothraki.