Is Ryan Gosling single? Publicist confirms romance with Eva Mendes still on, as world ignores by sharing life-sized pillows

Fans didn't let a little thing like the truth get in the way of being perverse

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Lascivious Ryan Gosling lovers took to Twitter in their droves to express their lustful joy at the news the Hollywood heartthrob was finally single.

 ‘Hey Girl’ memes swarmed newsfeeds the internet over, while twitpics of a life-size Gosling pillow – designed by one now very rich Etsy trader – slowed social servers to a stuttering halt (see the image below for details).

“Ever fancied waking up to Ryan Gosling every morning?” the randy so-and-sos at Notion magazine tweeted, while Elle went one step further by creepily offering its readers: “15 ways to get Ryan Gosling into your house”.

Never ones to miss a trick, Paddy Power even sent round odds targeting forlorn Notebook fans desperately hoping that the floppy-haired hunk would rekindle his romance with co-star and former flame Rachel McAdams (it’s 4/7, in case you fancy a flutter).


And those were just the streams of commercial tweets. Users posts ranged from innocent mash-ups of Gosling on apples and Gosling nestling among a field of cows to the downright perverse:

All of this, of course, would be well and good. Except for one crucial point the world seems to have conveniently glossed over: he’s not actually single.

A representative for Mendes shot down the reports almost as soon as they’d surfaced, telling entertainment site E! that they were “just another round of rumors” to be ignored.

Thanks to Etsy, Gosling lovers can take him to bed for just £45

The initial story was published by infamous celebrity rag In Touch. They claimed the pair had drifted apart due to Gozzo’s homebody ways and Mendes’ love of partying.

“They started having problems back in September,” the magazine alleged a source said. “They decided to quietly call it off for good around Christmas.”

Not true, according to the actress’ very reliable ‘people’.

The celebrity split hoax, it seems, is the slightly less gory 2014 version of the celebrity death hoax. And just as viral.

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